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Hi, Im Tony Herrera as you seen from my intro... I'm one year into my coding journey, I graduated from Bottega Tech Bootcamp in May of 2020. I have experience with HTM5, CSS/SCSS, JavaScript, Python3, Flask, JSON, Git, MongoDB, SQL Databases, And Bootstrap. Some of my favorite technologies to work with are JavaScript and ReactJs.

Before I started to code I worked in the oil and gas industry on and off for 5 years. In the oil and gas industry its all about hard work ,dependability and team work because with out each other the job could not and would not get done. Before that I was in the construction field as an electrican for 3 years this is where my love for building and creating things started, I also learned alot about problem solving and communication.

Thank you if you read this far! I hope you learned enough about me and I hope to be hearing from you!




Linkedin Clone

Linkden Clone made with ReactJS, Redux, Firebase, Style Components, React Router Dom. This project has Google authentication and the ability to make a post because of firebase. website is mobile responsive.


Unichat app

Unichat is a firebase chat app that uses Chatengine.io api google auth and reactJS. The app can make mutiple room supports sounds notifications and images.


ReactJs Portfolio

Portfolio with a blog page both Portfolio page and blog page have CRUD functionality also both pages have drag and drop for images.


Todo app

full Stack Todo app CRUD functionality with a ReactJS frontend and a Flask Restful API


Nasa API

This is a website that gets 10 random pictures descriptions and photo credits from the NASA API and Makes Cards to view them and you can save your favorites to a favorties tab and also remove favorties from the favorties tab with local storage. This was made using Javascript, HTML5, CSS.

Demo GitHub

Random Quote Generator

Random quote generator makes a Async fetch request to a rest API, with the function to tweet out the quote you are seeing. Made with Javascript ,HTML5 ,and CSS.


Personal Blog Page

Personal Blog page with a Python flask restful API and a ReactJS Frontend with a carousel and CRUD functionality. This was my capstone project to graduate from Bottega Bootcamp and is a MVP at the moment.


Infinite Scroll W/ unsplash API

Infinite Scroll calls on the unsplash API and loads 10 random photos and as you scroll it loads up 10 more photos befroe you reach the end of the webpage.

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